Monday, 18 July 2011

5 Years Ago…

Five years ago my life changed forever.  I felt that the world tilted a little on its axis and I knew that things, for me at least, would never be the same.  Because on this day, five years ago, my first beautiful baby girl was born.

I remember staring at her in amazement – I couldn’t believe that she had finally arrived, that she was so gorgeous and so perfect.  It actually took my breath away a little, that overwhelming feeling of love coupled with a crushing feeling of complete responsibility.  Thankfully the overwhelming feelings have largely passed, but here we are, five years on, and not a day has gone by where she still doesn’t amaze me.

Mainly I’m in awe of how she is her – that the little person Miss Z is has been there all along, with just more aspects of it revealed bit by bit.

So wishing my bright, bubbly, assertive, noisy, sweet big girl a very, very happy 5th birthday.


Ange Moore said...

We were thinking of you yesterday and hope that Z had a great day!

(and I think you missed chatterbox out of her description!!)

Kirstan said...

Thanks Ange!

Yes, I did leave chatterbox out of her description. But that she is!

Sarah said...

I'm a little late catching this post K, but I loved reading it. Happy birthday to the irrepressible, inimitable, unmissable Z. We're so happy to know her!