Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday From the (shop) Front

I love getting presents.  Who doesn’t, really?  So it’s always exciting
when the postman or a courier strolls in the door of ecoHaven lugging a
box or two.  It’s like the anticipation of Christmas – what’s inside, will
I love it, where will I put it, who else might love it?  And (daggy
confession time), I normally try to extend the anticipation by locating
the invoice first, having a read, checking our purchase order form before
I grab a pair of scissors and tear into it.  And invariably I do love it
(I ordered it afterall, so you would hope so!).

This week has been a big week of new arrivals.  We received a new baby and
kids’ label on Monday – Baobab, featuring cute little numbers in super
soft organic cotton.  Miss Z was my fashion consultant in choosing most of
the pieces, so they are guaranteed to appeal to all five year olds! 
Also new to ecoHaven this week are some funky new threads from the girls
at Sinerji, featuring equitably made, naturally dyed organic cotton gear
for men and women.
Cute myrtle jewellery by That Vintage hit our shelves only yesterday and
I’m already sporting a piece.
How much do you love opening presents?
*All images are suppliers own 


Sarah said...

I love Baobab - I've bought a couple of pieces and they just wear and wear and wear.

Kirstan said...

Great to hear a first hand review of Baobab thanks Sarah - especially such a positive one.
It's lovely when you can find clothing that is organic, ethically made, wears and washes well and is cute. What more can a mum ask for?!